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Unfortunately, Grace is currently booked with commisions and is unavailable to schedule any custom portraits at this time. Please contact Alice ( if you wish to be notified when Grace is available or for more information.

Commission an original work!A portrait painted by Grace Lin--an extraordinary way to capture your child's image and an art piece to treasure for a lifetime.

The Process
-After a fee is agreed on and contract signed, the client must supply 5 to 10 photos of the subject (with varying angles and expressions) and 1/3 of the fee.

-Upon receiving the material, Grace will create a sketch (appr. 2 weeks) that she will send to the client for approval. The client is allowed 2 sketch revisions.

-Upon approval, the client sends another 1/3 of the fee, from which Grace begins painting (appr. 2 weeks). When the painting is finished, Grace will send an image to the client for their approval. The Client is allowed 2 painting revisions.

-When the painting is approved, the client send the last 1/3 of the fee and Grace sends the Client the final painting.

The Client may terminate the agreement anytime during the approval process, however Grace is under no obligation to return money already paid.
For a single subject, 8-1/2 x 11 painting, prices begin at $900.