Reading level: 8 - 12 years, grade 3 - 7
Pages: 384 pages
ISBN: 031612592X

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When the Sea Turned to Silver

Put on your own Readers Theater!

If you go to any of Grace's events for this book, you'll see her "act" out this readers theater with volunteers in the audience. But you don't have to be Grace to put on this show. The script is right HERE for you to download and you can put the show on yourself! A fun way to introduce and share the books with kids! Break a leg!

And, of course, there are lots of other things you can do with the book. See below!

How Long is Longevity?
In the book, a magistrate steals a a bite from the peach of longevity. Folktales do not usually lead to math but if you explore the years in this story, you may solve some mysteries with this Math Exercise Fit for an Emperor!

Nuwa's Stones
The five-colored stones that the goddess Nuwa put in the sky now sometimes appear as a rainbow. You can cast your own reflection of Nuwa's gift with this Reflect and Refract a Rainbow activity!

Paper of Answers
The Paper of Answers only shows words when it is exposed to the light of the full moon. While we cannot offer you a paper that gives answers, we can show you how to create invisible writing that only shows in the presence of heat and light. With this activity, you can write your own invisible answers!

Walking Across the Heavenly Lake
In the kingdom of the Sea King, Pinmei and Yishan see the moon at the bottom of the Heavenly Lake. The Sea King tells them that their worlds connect. How can the sea and sky share a moon? Use this activity to make the worlds connect!

Giving Immortality
With Amah's stories, Pinmei was able to save everyone. Is there someone in your life that can give you stories, like Amah gave Pinmei? This activitywill help guide you to collect and share stories...and maybe achieve immortality!