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May 24, 2016

and this is four!

All week, I've been obsessing about the weather. Would it rain? Cloudy? Super windy? Why?

Well, because it was time for Rain Dragon's  Red Egg Birthday Hunt!  We invited her whole class (and some other friends) and a wet egg hunt was not preferred.  

But, thankfully, the sun shone and our backyard looked like this:

We learned from last  year to rope off the egg searching area so that no one got a head start!
strawberry souffle!
And other outdoor objects found a new use:
The Totoro House (renovated due to damage done by snow) housed some special eggs...
Everything and everyone was ready and waiting....
I try to explain the rules to a bunch of 4 year olds!

For the Red Egg Hunt to begin! GO!
the crazy chaos!

Some kids went one way:

Other kids went another:
Rain Dragon might have had a good idea where a bunch of eggs were hidden...

The labyrinth was well searched:
Unlike last year, the planets were on the ground. 
Until all the eggs were found!

After all that excitement, there's nothing like some good high-sugar cake to keep things livened up:

a Totoro cake, of course! Like all our projects now, a collaborative effort! Rain Dragon made the ducks and placed all the decorations (which is why they are all facing different directions).
For a happy birthday song and wish for my favorite four (!) year old:

i can't believe she is 4!
What did she wish? I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was to have her birthday girl status everyday because she definitely took advantage of it:

She got her friend to push her all around the yard and race around the labyrinth!

Happy 4th Birthday, Rain Dragon!

May 23, 2016

On my desk Monday

Okay, not really in my desk, but floating in my living room are the leftover balloons from Rain Dragon's birthday party! More on that tomorrow...

May 16, 2016

home improvements

One of the things I have slowly realized that as a mom to a, um, persistent  child is that I cannot be a perfectionist when it comes to home projects. Rain Dragon insists on helping and, since really I am doing these projects to make her happy, I have learned to embrace my child assistant. 

A prime example is my our water barrel project. Not content to have a plain brown water barrel, I decided it should be decorated and designed it according to Rain Dragon's wishes ("Totoro!" she said, "and soot sprites! And ducks!").

However, she was not content just to be the design inspiration. She wanted hands-on work:

as well as collaboration:
can you tell what she painted?
 She was quite proud:
 "I paint ducks the best," she says.
And, I admit, she has every right to be.  When it was all done, my brief moments of frustration/disappointment at not creating my original design disappeared. Because, now, I  think it's beautiful--more beautiful than if I had painted it all myself perfectly.

What do you think?