Grace likes to talk to people and would be very happy to hear from you. However, there are many questions that she gets asked a lot. See if the answers are here:
frequently asked questions from adults
frequently asked questions from kids

Questions from Adults
I've written a children's book. I love your work and would like to have you illustrate it. Would you read and illustrate it?

Unfortunately, Grace is not the correct person to contact if you are looking to publish your stories. Generally a writer submits their story to a publisher and the publisher chooses the illustrator they feel is appropriate. Grace, as illustrator, is the last person in the line. Please do not e-mail your stories to Grace. She has many story ideas that may be similar to yours and it would be inappropriate for her to read yours. If you do e-mail Grace your story, she will not read it.

I am very interested in becoming a children's book illustrator. How do you become one?

Grace worked very hard to become a children's book illustrator. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, majoring in Illustration. She worked as a bookseller in a children's bookstore and learned all the books. She researched all the children's publishers and all the art directors and editors that worked there. She attended Childrens' Writing and Illustration conferences and workshops. She made color copies and postcards of her work and sent out thousands of them. She ate ramen noodles for many years.

Could you donate your books/prints/original art to my charity?

Grace does donate her books and prints to many causes. Unfortunately, Grace is not able to donate to everyone. Grace is only given a limited amount of her books for free (usually about 10) and after that she has to purchase them, just like you. Prints are made out of Grace's pocket as well. Please note that children's book creators are usually not millionaires, unless they have the name JK Rowlings.

Can you send me an autographed bookplate?

Grace is happy to send you an autographed bookplate. She asks that you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to her and she'll get the bookplate right out to you. Send to:
Grace Lin
PO Box 60334
Florence, MA 01062

How can I get my children's book published?

Grace unfortunately is not a great resource for this info. She suggests looking at these websites for guidance:

Society of Children's Book Writer and Illustrators
The Purple Crayon

Questions from Kids
Where do you get your ideas?

Grace gets her ideas from everywhere. That's why she has to carry her sketchbook with her everywhere, just in case an idea comes to her when she's on the bus. She never really knows when a good idea will come to her.

What is your favorite book?

Grace loves too many books to name her absolute favorite. She likes the Harry Potter books, the Ramona books and Carolyn Haywood books. She also likes picture books by Richard Scarry and Elisa Kleven. Out of the book she herself has made, she especially likes "The Ugly Vegetables" because it was her first published book and "The Year of Dog" because it is her first chapter book. But she thinks her novel "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" is her best book.

Do you paint all those swirls? Why?

Yes, Grace paints every single swirl. She likes painting swirls. Grace likes to put patterns on everything in her paintings; the swirls are her patterns for wind or air. She was inspired by Van Gogh's painting "Starry Night," and also because the swirl can be seen as a symbol for the "endless circle" (similar to the endless knot) in Chinese culture.

I loved "The Year of the Rat" and "The Year of the Dog," are you going to write "The Year of the Ox" or "The Year of the Tiger?" Are you going to write all 12 animal years?

Grace is glad you enjoyed her novels! Grace is writing more books about the Pacy. Her book Dumpling Days is all about Pacy's first trip to Taiwan. While it is not a "Year of..." book, she hope you still give it a chance. Grace might write another "Year of..." book in the future.

Are you going to write a sequel to "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon?"

Grace plans on writing two more novels that will be companion books to "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon." They will not be sequels, they will not continue Minli's story but they will be similar with maybe a crossover character.

Can I have your autograph?

Grace is happy to send you an autographed bookplate. Send her a self-addressed stamped envelope (that means mailing her an envelope that is addressed to yourself-- with a stamp on it--so she all she has to do is put the bookplate inside it to send it back to you) and she'll get the bookplate right out to you. Send this envelope to:
Grace Lin
PO Box 60334
Florence, MA 010627

Do you like being an author and illustrator?

Yes, Grace loves being an author and an illustrator because making books for kids is the best!