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Meet The Lins!
(back) Dad, Mom (middle) Lissy, Grandma, Grandpa, Ki-Ki (front) Dog, Pacy, Cat (very front) Mouse

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Family Unit:
Rain Dragon, Grace, Sasquatch

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illustrator, author, middle sister

Grace never knew her "real" name was Grace until first grade (Lissy and Ki-Ki found out much sooner than she did). On the first day of school, her teacher asked her what her name was. When Grace replied, "Pacy Lin!" the teacher smiled and said, "No, now you're a big girl-- you don't go by the name Pacy anymore." She looked on her roster and then said, "Your real name is Grace." And in an instant, after years of parents and grandparents (basically the whole family), calling her Pacy, she turned into Grace and has been Grace ever since.